Product Description

Mircom's QX-mini Series is an expandable emergency communication system (ECS) utilizing both a paging microphone and pre-recorded custom tones or messages in the event of an emergency.
The QX-mini is an emergency and fire alarm audio system designed to provide notification for small to medium applications. The QX-mini supplies 30W for audio output and 5A for Notification Appliance Circuits (NAC). The optional 30-Watt Amplifier Module increases audio output to 60W.
Notifications can be sent using stored digital message recordings, the master microphone, or remote microphones. The QX-mini comes with standard notifications and can store up to 14 messages for a total of 12 minutes of digital message recordings. Up to six remote microphones and/or LOCs can be connected to the QX-mini.
The QX-mini operates either as a stand-alone audio system or as part of a fire alarm system. Conventional fire alarm systems control the QX-mini with relays. Mircom compatible Fire Alarm Control Panels can control the QX-mini using Signaling Line Circuit (SLC).
Optional Booster Panels provide support for a distributed system. These Booster Panels have the same output as the QX-mini but do not have microphones or user interface panels. Up to five Booster Panels can be connected to a QX-mini.

•    Supports up to 60W per panel and 360W per system
•    Two NAC circuits rated for 2.5A each, 5A per panel expandable up to 30A per system
•    Class A or Class B Speaker and NAC wiring
•    Field selectable 25V or 70.7V audio output
•    Comes with standard digital messages for fire, emergency, evacuation, weather, and all clear
•    Supports up to 14 digital messages or tones with a duration of up to 12 minutes
•    Custom message upload using the MGC ECS Configurator Software
•    Master microphone input with push-to-talk (PTT)
•    Supports up to 6 remote microphones and/or LOCs
•    Use as a separate ECS system or as part of a fire alarm system
•    Two relay inputs for Zone and message activation by UL or ULC listed fire alarm panels
•    Two Sync Inputs for Synchronization and activation of output zones, messages and tones
•    Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) input for activation and communication with Mircom compatible Fire Alarm Control Panels
•    Battery backup (up to 75AH charge capacity)
•    Dedicated Trouble, AC Fail, and Alarm relay outputs
•    Supports up to 6 panels in total (one Master Panel with 5 Booster Panels)
•    12 expandable up to 36 Programmable Switches
•    Auxiliary 24V supply (up to 0.2A)
•    ULC, UL, CSFM