Welcome to Emirates Fire Fighting Equipment Factory LLC (FIREX)

Established in 1983, Emirates Firefighting Equipment Factory LLC (Firex) began its operations in Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a commitment to innovate and manufacture quality firefighting products while providing world-class quality services. The founder, Engineer Jamal Hussein saw the great need for fire safety in the rising buildings in the country. As one of the most respected engineers in the industry, Engineer Jamal Hussein had set high standards in the construction business. Engineer Jamal Hussein was one of the leaders for constructing many government buildings that still stand to date. Engineer Jamal Hussein demanded nothing less for safety and decided to create a company that would match the high standard he had set.  

Firex was awarded an ISO 9001-2000 Certificate of Approval in 2002 and has won many more awards emerging as one of the top leading manufacturers of Firefighting Equipment in the Middle East.
Firex provides various fire safety and firefighting equipment and systems that include custom-made vehicle such as fire trucks, ambulances, mobile maintenance vehicles as well as fire alarms, firefighting skids, fire pumps, voice evacuation systems, emergency light systems, fire rated cables, fire doors, foam systems, smoke and ventilation systems. 

Since establishment, Firex has expanded to become one of the largest professional companies in the field of Fire Fighting Industry in the Middle East region.
Firex has expanded and holds a strong international presence. Firex now has become the go-to solution for tailor-made solutions for today's fire safety and firefighting needs and offers high quality international standard products. Firex caters for markets in the MENA region as well as other international markets.  
With high-quality products and high standards in customer service, Firex has established great business operations and now operates globally with capacity for any sized project. To inquire about any product or services please visit our contact page and leave us a message. One of our agents will be in contact with you as soon as possible. 

Welcome to Emirates Fire Fighting Equipment Factory LLC

What we do


Discrepancies between what our brand is promising and what our product delivers are ultimately, what may cause us to fail. This means that it is of utmost importance that our design team works closely with.

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Our dedicated manufacturing facility in Sharjah is equipped with the state – of – the – art technology and ultra-modern machineries that help us to deliver products of superior quality.

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FIREX strength lies in the expertise of our diverse team of engineers who are always at the forefront to successfully design, install and commission the system to meet the requirements of NFPA, BS standard and local authority.

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Since “Fires” are unpredictable and they must be dealt with immediately, we provide complete maintenance solutions of firefighting, fire alarm and security systems wherever and whenever required.

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Firefighting Products and Equipment

There are many imitations of FIREX equipments found in UAE and outside UAE markets. All of them are fake copies of our products.