Multi sensor

Multi sensor

Product Description

C-9101 is a multifunctional and highly reliable detector that able to sense fire cause by polyurethane and heptanes fire. And also detect fire with obvious rise of temperature such as alcohol fire. With all the combined features of standard optical and heat detector makes this suitable for application in data processing area like computer room and telephone exchange.

Features and Benefits
1. Multifunctional and highly reliable detector
2. Sensing chamber for exceptional dust proof ability
3. Twin LED for 360º vision
4. Low profile design

Technical Specifications

  • Standard: EN54-part5, part6, part7
  • Protection rating: IP 22
  • Detecting Range: 30m²
  • Operating voltage: 24Vdc (9Vdc to24Vdc) polarized
  • Operating Current:
  • Standby: 0.1mA; Alarm: 30mA
  • Operating temperature: -10~50°C
  • Relative humidity: 95%
  • Application: Indoor use
  • Material and colour: ABS, off-white
  • Wiring: 1 pair polarized
  • Dimensions: diameter 10cm; height 5cm