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Waterous diesel and gasoline powered motor pumps combine the muscle of the Waterous vehicle-mounted pumps with the convenience of their own power source. Each model, whether skid mounted, trailer-mounted or portable, delivers the horsepower and performance when and where you need it.

Waterous vehicle-mounted pumps provide fire industry professionals with easy to operate fire suppression systems that offer the most efficient water delivery systems on the market. Because of quality craftmanship and exclusive design features, vehicle-mounted fire pumps have quickly become the primary firefighting tools of the fire service industry worldwide. Comes mostly with 5 year equipment warranty.

When it comes to compressed air foam systems, Water- ous CAF Systems“ are the first foam. Whether you need water, aspirated foam or compressed air foam, Waterous offers fully integrated, user-friendly units that fit any fire suppression application. Backed by an exclusive 5-year equipment warranty.