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Dry Powder Filling Machine

Dry Powder Filling Machine is compatible to till portable and trolley type tire extinguishers. By adopting vacuum tluidon- ics, filling machine sucks dry powder into the powder holder quickly and till it in the container. This machine is compact, movable, easy to operate and pollution tree. It can recycle dry powder in the fire extinguisher directly, thus reducing labor intensity and improving working environment. This machine is particularly applicable to the filling of dry powder tire extinguisher, and is also applicable to the tilling of various powder products.


C02 Filling Machine

FCO2FM Carbon dioxide is used with water press. it is a kind of repairers to fill carbon dioxide extinguishing agent into various portable type of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers automatically or semi-automatic.

lt consists of the thermostatic system, console, electric scale, etc. and it has the advantages of safety and reliability, convenient operation, accurate filling volume, and high work efficiency. It is the ideal filling equipment for fire fighting equipment manufacturers and repairers.


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